If you are interested in partnering with CODAC for recovery treatment you have available to you supportive counseling, behavioral therapy, medication assisted treatment as well as, Acu-detox ear acupuncture and theraputic massage. Together with your provider your Substance Use Disorder treatment plan will be created with your specific personal strenths, individual needs, abilities and preferences in mind.

Opioid Treatment Programs utilizing Medication Assisted Treatment

With medication options including methadone, buprenorphine (SuboxoneTM), oral naltrexone and injectable depot naltrexone (VivitrolTM), you and your CODAC provider will work together to determine this is the best fit for you. In addition, you will find the supportive counseling and behavioral therapeutic approaches to be key to your recovery success and overall feeling of wellbeing over your substance use disorder.

In fact federal, state and medical regulatory organizations require the combination of counseling with Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as ‘best practice’ of quality care. You will have access to highly trained, experiences, licensed, caring professionals – who see that you are so much more that your current addiction.

CODAC has been Rhode Island’s partners in recovery since 1971. We are proud of the high professional regard in which our administrative, clinical and medical staff is held in the opioid treatment community. Our programs have been recognized both nationally and at the state level for consistently exceeding standards in the delivery of medication assisted treatment. We are Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and are the State of Rhode Island Department of Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospital’s (BHDDH) first Center of Excellence.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at CODAC is an ideal opportunity for those individuals who find they have a need for increased access to support and treatment. IOP is approximately 8 weeks, and consists of individual and group sessions totaling a minimum 9 hours per week. IOPs may be utilized at any point along the treatment or recovery cycle and based on level of therapeutic need.   If you are interested in this level of care speak with your CODAC provider.

General Outpatient Services

General Outpatient Programs are for individuals interested in treatment for Substance Use Disorder symptoms. General Outpatient programs utilize scheduled individual and group counseling sessions and drug/alcohol testing to assist patients in identifying and maintaining healthy life choices. CODAC counselors also work with the patient to integrate recovery support services in their treatment. We will to continue working with patients who have met their initial goals and want to maintain and strengthen their recovery.

CODAC counselors work closely with their patients to achieve individual goals and/or meet the requirements of the referring authority. Most importantly, our programs are designed to assist individuals to develop and integrate a recovery oriented lifestyle that includes family, friends, health, wellness, joy and productivity. All CODAC programs emphasize the value recovery oriented lifestyle benefits and encouraged strongly encourage the integration of family members into the treatment and recovery process.

Call or email the CODAC location closest to you and we’ll get you on a treatment track within 24-48 hours of your first contact.  

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