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More About CODAC Newport

Serving Newport, Middletown, Portsmouth, Bristol, Jamestown, Tiverton and Little Compton for over 40 years, CODAC Newport treats more than 300 patients weekly. Programs include medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder, general outpatient treatment (GO), intensified treatment programs (IOPs), mental health and psychiatric services for co-occurring disorders, problem gambling programs, tobacco cessation treatment and programs for a range of other behavioral health challenges.

In 2016, all six of CODAC’s sites became the first state-designated Centers of Excellence (COE) for opioid treatment in RI. Under this designation, CODAC Newport meets or exceeds state standards for opioid treatment, provides expedited and expanded access to care, and offers at least two of the three FDA-approved medications for opioid treatment: methadone, buprenorphine (SuboxoneTM, SubutexTM), and oral natlrexone and depot naltrexone (VivitrolTM). CODAC is currently the only treatment provider in RI authorized to dispense all three.

COEs must also provide enhanced access to care and guarantee that patients will be seen by medical and clinical staff—and begin treatment—within 48 hours of first contact. Essential to the COE model is stabilizing patients on their medication and coordinating care for ongoing treatment and other health care needs. Developing and maintaining a working relationship with community-based practitioners for bi-directional referral and coordinated transition of care is essential to the COE model.

In addition to individual counseling, CODAC Newport offers a rich and comprehensive selection of group counseling options, including: life skills (relationship with self and others); relapse prevention; early recovery; MAT and the recovery process; conflict resolution; cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); groups to address substance use and legal issues (breaking the link); intensified treatment programs; and groups for adolescents.  Offerings change to reflect shifting patient needs and interests. In response to the ongoing opioid overdose crisis, CODAC Newport, along with all CODAC sites, has implemented a Naloxone education program and makes Narcan kits available to patients, family and friends.

CODAC Newport has an extensive history of providing gender-sensitive treatment for women across the lifespan, offering services that address special challenges faced by incarcerated women; women’s issues in medication assisted treatment; pregnancy and addiction; and the needs of women in mid-life transitions. Other specialized Treatment Teams receive training in a variety of topics, including: nutrition and addiction, trauma and PTSD (with EMDR-trained clinicians), and developmental disabilities—giving CODAC Newport the ability to respond to patients with specific needs.

CODAC is committed to idea that addiction is a family disease—affecting everyone who cares about or is closely involved with the individual experiencing substance use disorder. CODAC further believes that the support of family and friends are critical elements in successful long-term recovery. However, loved ones are often uncertain about how to provide that support. CODAC offers education and support programs for families and close friends, helping them understand some of the things to expect and why these things may be happening. More importantly, we are able to provide resources to help loved ones through the recovery process. These programs are available to patients and their families along the recovery continuum, for as long as they need them.

CODAC’s approach to treatment and recovery emphasizes provision of care that acknowledges “whole person” health and wellness. This often means the coordination of care with patients’ primary care or specialty providers. CODAC Newport’s administrative, medical and clinical staff, as well as our Health Home teams, communicate directly with these providers, or make referrals for treatment to address specific health needs that have not yet been addressed.

CODAC Newport’s Health Home team, as well as office and billing staff, are trained to help individuals evaluate their needs and to assist them in accessing private insurance or state/federally funded programs. CODAC is able to help patients identify the most effective and the most efficient path through the system, so they may begin their treatment and recovery process as soon as possible.

CODAC Newport has a long, successful history of collaboration with state agencies and community-based providers, including the Department of Children, Youth and Family (DCYF), Drug Court, Probation, and Newport law enforcement. CODAC Newport, along will all other CODAC sites, has worked extensively with the RI Department of Justice to develop effective programming for inmates during and after incarceration. CODAC Newport is a founding member of the Newport County Reentry Council and is part of a team that provides substance abuse and mental health assessments for individuals who are due to be released in the near future.

Partnering with other community providers and services, e.g., Newport Mental Health, Child and Family RI, Newport Hospital, Salve Regina University, Mckinney Shelter, Lucy’s Hearth, the Newport Partnership for Families and many other stakeholders, CODAC Newport has worked to create a comprehensive network of wraparound services in the community.  They have also worked closely with community and municipal government representatives to address the issue of stigma surrounding substance use disorder and treatment. All of these relationships present opportunities to improve outcomes for people struggling with substance use disorder and other addictive behaviors.

CODAC accepts Medicaid and Ritecare, as well as most forms of commercial insurance including: United Healthcare, Neighborhood Health Plans, Tufts and Blue Cross.