Programs & Services

Tobacco Cessation Services of Rhode Island (TCSRI)

Tobacco CessationCODAC is among the only providers in Rhode Island to offer evidence-based, comprehensive tobacco treatment by nationally Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists.  As part of our commitment to providing whole person care, we offer cessation services to all CODAC patients.  

Tobacco Cessation Services of RI (TCSRI), operating under the CODAC mantle, offers best practice, evidence-based tobacco treatment programs combining counseling and use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). The success of our program depends on regular communication with each participant’s primary care or other healthcare provider; our specialists consult directly with these providers to determine which type(s) of NRT is indicated based on health status and personal needs. 

The TCSRI program offers:

  • Direct treatment services, including comprehensive personalized assessment, treatment planning and relapse support 
  • Counseling throughout the treatment process
  • Collaboration with primary care physicians on prescribing of NRT and other health matters 
  • Referrals to Quitworks-RI (a telephonic and web-based program) for continued support with quit attempts or for help in maintaining a tobacco-free lifestyle 
  • Support for family members to help reduce the impact of second and third-hand smoke 

With certified Trainers of Trainers on-staff, TCSRI has been authorized by the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine to offer Tobacco Treatment Specialist trainings to organizations and institutions. We also provide scheduled public trainings that are open to qualified applicants from across RI, MA, and CT. Please check the website periodically to learn about upcoming trainings.